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Power Niche Marketing: The Great Marketing Revelation – It Is All Statistics
11 HRS AGO - This revelation should energize and excite you, as managing parter Bruce Stachenfeld explains.
Legal Blog: Biglaw
Shared by Above The Law
The Best Offense Is A Good… Network Of Law Firms
15 HRS AGO - An argument in favor of in-house counsel spreading their business across multiple firms.
Legal Blog: Biglaw
Shared by Above The Law
Helping Small Firms Grow and Become More Successful
21 HRS AGO - Immigration lawyer Russell C. Ford contacted me a few months ago with very positive feedback on my Expand
Strategy and Practice Manageme
Shared by Amazing Firms, Amazing Practices
Note Taking Template
22 HRS AGO - This note taking template can help you take better notes. Note Taking Template was originally Expand
Strategy & Practice Management
Shared by Lawyerist
Dechert Lets Multiple Associates Go After Performance Reviews
1 DAY AGO - We may be entering a rough spell for the legal profession.
Legal Blog: Biglaw
Shared by Above The Law
Table of Concordance for Ontario Child and Family Services Act and Bill 89
1 DAY AGO - Prepared by Windsor Law Student Lois Boateng, this Table of Concordance sets out a side-by-side Expand
The Case for Redesigning Caselaw
1 DAY AGO - To a jurist or a legal draftsperson, caselaw probably looks like a reliable, elegant way to record Expand
At Lunch With David Boies, 20 Years After His Departure From Cravath
2 DAYS AGO - The country's most famous practicing lawyer tells the tale of how he left Cravath to launch his Expand
Legal Blog: Biglaw
Shared by Above The Law
Tips Tuesday Here are excerpts from the most recent tips on SlawTips, the site that each week offers up useful advice, short and to the point, on research, writing, and practice. Practice Tax Tips for Legal Professionals Jackie Porter It’s tax time and the
2 DAYS AGO - This article is by Maurizio Romanin, President & CEO, LawyerDoneDeal Corp. & Nora Rock, Corporate Expand
The 2017 Am Law 200: Keep Calm And Carry On
13 HRS AGO - Reports of Biglaw's death are greatly exaggerated.
Legal Blog: Biglaw
Shared by Above The Law
Changing Workplaces Review Final Report: Sweeping Changes to Ontario Employment Law Coming
17 HRS AGO - On May 23, 2017, the Government of Ontario released the Changing Workplaces Review final report by Expand
Ransomware: No Honor Among Thieves and More Expensive
22 HRS AGO - The FBI says that ransomware nets cybercriminals $1 billion a year. No wonder so many people want Expand
News From All Over
1 DAY AGO - Belatedly, a quick look at an article published last week in the equivlent of the Czech Expand
Strategy and Practice Manageme
Shared by Adam Smith, Esq.
What a Nordstrom Personal Shopper Can Teach Us About Client Service
1 DAY AGO - “Can anyone give us an example of a non-legal service that you love”?  The question was posed by Expand
Strategy & Practice Management
Shared by LawVision
#Podcast #121: A “Crossover” Real Estate/Realtor Practice, with Wendy Calvert
1 DAY AGO - In this episode of the Lawyerist Podcast, Wendy Calvert discusses what it means to have a Expand
Strategy & Practice Management
Shared by Lawyerist
Where Does Memory Come From?
1 DAY AGO - The human memory is crucial to a trial. It is the essence of a lay person’s testimony. So where Expand
Back to Basics: Share Your Feedback Across the Firm
2 DAYS AGO - Wicker Park Group is revisiting some of the processes around Client Feedback Interviews in a new Expand
Legal Business Development Blo
Shared by Wicker Park Group
Microsoft SQL 2017: Improvements, Advanced Analytics and What It May Mean for Lawyers
2 DAYS AGO - Microsoft recently updated SQL, its database server and data management system. The advances Expand
Strategy & Practice Management
Shared by Lawyerist
Dechert Layoffs — They Laid Off First-Years (And This May Be The Wave Of The Future)
14 HRS AGO - Being a first-year isn't layoff armor anymore.
Legal Blog: Biglaw
Shared by Above The Law
Letter from Prague
18 HRS AGO - Returning from nearly a full week in Prague–delivering the keynote at the second annual 2017 Expand
Strategy and Practice Manageme
Shared by Adam Smith, Esq.
Wednesday: What’s Hot on CanLII
22 HRS AGO - Each Wednesday we tell you which three English-language cases and which French-language case have Expand
How Much Do Clients Care About Huge Biglaw Layoffs?
1 DAY AGO - Not a whole lot, actually.
Legal Blog: Biglaw
Shared by Above The Law
Marc Kasowitz… Will You Accept This Rose?
1 DAY AGO - Trump choses Marc Kasowitz to defend him in the ongoing probe.
Legal Blog: Biglaw
Shared by Above The Law
Beware the Binders Full of Women (Judges)!
1 DAY AGO - There has been no shortage of press on the conduct and competence of Canadian judges lately. Expand
More Robot Magic Silliness
2 DAYS AGO - Couldn't help myself. I encountered a tweet about a "robot lawyer" and took the bait. I'm a moron. Expand
The Accessibility of the LSAT: A Response to Dean Sossin and Dean Holloway
2 DAYS AGO - Harvard Law’s recent relaxation of the LSAT requirements by allowing applicants to take the GRE Expand

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